JoMary Riders Snowmobile Club Trail Map

JoMary Riders Snowmobile Club Trail System – Click image for larger map version:

Jo Mary Riders Snowmobile Trail System

Jo Mary Riders Snowmobile Trail System

Map Trail Description Length Grooming Area Connected to
1 Katahdin Loop – South Twin to ITS 85/86 25 mi Twin Pines SC – ITS 86; Ragged Riders SC (to Ragged Lake, Chesuncook Lake)
2 Pemadumcook Parkway Club trail alternate to Katahdin Loop. Terminates on lake shore opposite from Whitehouse Landing. 24 mi Twin Pines SC (ITS 86)
3 PP Connector Scenic connector over Potawadjo Ridge between 109/Katahdin Loop and Pemadumcook Parkway 2 mi
4 Black Pond Extends west of ITS85/86, past Wadleigh Pond toward Black Pond. High country, typically with heavy snow coverage. 4 mi Connects to the Ragged Riders trail system, toward Ragged and Chesuncook Lakes
5 B-Pond 8 mi At B-Pond, connects to Brownville SC (to Katahdin Ironworks); Kokadjo Roach Riders (to ITS86 at Penobscot Pond; #4 Mountain Trail; Kokadjo)
6 Gauntlet Falls Club Trail off B-Pond Trail. Runs to scenic Gauntlet Falls 1 mi Connects to Ebeemee club trail and bridge just above the falls
7 #111 Connector & Wildwoods Brownville & Milo systems
8 Suspension Bridge – West End Direct route from South Twin Lake following near Highway Route 11 to the snowmobile suspension bridge over the Penobscot River 5 mi Downtown Millinocket; Loop to ITS86 & Twin Pines SC)
9 West Ragged Cross-Over Connector west of Ragged Mt., runs between the 109 and 111 trails. Includes scenic lookout trail with great view of Mt Katahdin 3 mi
TBA Ragged Mtn Fire Tower Runs from the #111 Connector (Trail #7) to the fire tower on Ragged Mtn. Very scenic spot. The last 100 yds is very steep and ungroomed. You can ride to the top or just walk up from the groomer’s turn area.
TBA Yoke Ponds Trail Connects the B Pond trail (at the big V plow) to ITS-86 just east of Penobscot Pond. The trail passes Johnston, Crawford, Yoke and Pleasant Ponds. ITS-86 groomed by Twin Pines S.C.

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