Trail Grooming Report – March 23, 2017

Double Lanes of ITS 109 being groomed by 2-Groomers – March 22, 2017

The following trails were groomed on Wednesday night, March 22, 2017:

  • ITS 109
  • to ITS 86
  • Black Pond trail
  • PP x-over
  • ITS 111
  • B-Pond
  • Greenleaf/Gaunlet Falls loop
  • 109/111 x-over including scenic loop
  • Downtown connector
  • 109S toward Medway

All trails are in excellent condition – no dirt, no washouts, plenty of snow!

Double arrows mark a real sharp corner – March 22, 2017

Coming down Potaywadjo Ridge with Jo Mary Mountain in the back ground – March 22, 2017

Snow rolling off the blade to smooth some drifts – March 22, 2017

Got Snow? Yes, just a little snow rolling off the blade going thru some drifts. What would an operator do with out a good blade? Blades are used to pull snow into the trail, flatten drifts that would turn into bumps and scrape off muguls. Then the drag activates the snow crystals, spreads it out and smooths it down smooth. Ideally, it then gets a couple hours to harden up before riders come along and loosen it up again.

Snowing on ITS 109 today! – March 22, 2017


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