Trail Rider Report – February 28, 2016

B Pond trail after Guernsey Brook

B Pond trail after Guernsey Brook, February 28, 2016. Looks like a normal winter

We did a trail inspection Sunday (96 miles) and found a wide variety of conditions. Here’s an update on our trail system:

  • The pic at top shows the B Pond trail…pure winter riding over there but with ice in a few places too. The pic immediately below is the big corner just prior to reaching the B Pond intersection where we meet Brownville & Kokadjo trail systems.
  • The Greenwood/Gauntlet loop was really nice as was the Jo Mary road from mile 6 to ITS 86.
  • The bottom picture shows the 109 about 3 miles from the South Twin parking lot. Basically glare ice with snow on the edges. It improved quite a bit after another 3.5 miles.
  • The 111 going west was very good in some spots and not so good in others. Some bare earth and ice but mostly snow after going over the ridgeline towards the Jo Mary Road.
  • The Parkway was a little bit of everything but at least it was FLAT!! (All the Jo Mary trails are flat).

Weather prediction is for 3 – 5″ of snow on Wednesday followed by a period of rain followed by cold temps for the following four days. Hopefully we will be able to get out and groom everything after the storm.

Icy B Pond trail

B Pond trail just 3 miles west of the normal looking B Pond trail (see above, at after Guernsey Brook), February 28, 2016. Icy corner is very dangerous!

scenic overlook on Greenwood Mountain

The scenic overlook on Greenwood Mountain on February 28, 2016 with Saddleback in the distance (Piscataquis County, not the one near Rangeley)

ITS-109 trail 3 miles from South Twin parking lot

ITS-109 trail where it connects with the Lincoln Ridge road, about 3 miles from South Twin parking lot.

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