Trail Report – December 13, 2016

Monday’s snowstorm only dropped about 5-6 inches of very light powder snow. So we now have about 10 inches on our trail system (more at higher elevations??).

We have received a lot of calls today wondering if we have started grooming yet. The answer is “NO”. We need about 18 or 20 inches before we start grooming so that we don’t damage our equipment.

Last year we reluctantly went out to groom (with inadequate snow) and between the three Groomers and the drags we did over $1,500 worth of damage in ONE NIGHT OF GROOMING!

Our cats weigh about 12,000 lbs and the drags weigh an additional 3000 lbs. We will compress 18 inches of snow down to about 8 once we make the initial “pass.”

Please ask Mother Nature to give us some more snow and we will get out and start our season as soon as she makes the additional snow deposits!! No sense in damaging our equipment just to satisfy a few early season riders. Thanks!


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