Trail Grooming Report – February 18, 2016

JoMary Groomer on Black Pond trail

Fresh snow being groomed on Black Pond trail February 17

Last night we groomed:

  • ITS 109
  • ITS 111
  • B-Pond trail
  • Greenwood Mtn./Gaunlet Falls loop

There are some good areas and some bad areas! We pulled in snow to cover as much ice as we could in some areas. There is standing water on some trails and a few area are real thin. The high country had a lot of fresh snow, and much less rain.


Studs and ice scratches will be needed on some trails until more snow arrives!

Grooming ITS109's high country February 17

Grooming ITS109’s high country February 17

Pulling i snow from edges to make trail rideable

Groomed the edges to pull in fresh snow so it’s ride-able

ITS 109

ITS 109 heading north (Lincoln Ridge Rd.) pulled snow in last night to cover some of the ice

On Monday night, 2/15, the Jo Mary Riders had groomed the following trails so they would be smooth before the rain and following freeze up:

  • 111 Connector (north)
  • B Pond
  • Greenwood Mtn./Gauntlet Falls Loop
  • 109 Connector
  • Black Pond
  • P.P. X-over
  • Parkway
  • The 109 Connector (south) and the “Downtown” trail were groomed on Sunday, 2/14

We strive to do this whenever possible because it helps prevent trail bed problems from building up and becoming embedded in ice for the entire remaining season. It ultimately results in better trails and more fun.

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