Trail Grooming Report – December 30, 2015

Well folks, here’s what is going on. The storm on Tuesday was not as “bountiful” as we had hoped for, we only got about 7″ here at the groomer garage. So now we have 16″ of fresh, light powder on the ground.

snow depth after grooming December 30, 2015

Snow depth after grooming on December 30, 2015

We decided to run a test today to determine the “compression factor” of this snow. So we ran one of our groomers across a section of untouched snow and we wound up with just a little less than 5″ of compacted snow. NOT GOOD!!

Combine that with the fact that KFM is still logging on two of our trails and we decided that it’s just not worth going out to groom yet. Sorry but it just isn’t worth the potential damage to our equipment when dealing with just 5″ of compacted snow.

We did get all three machines out of the “barn” and hooked up to the individual drags. Hopefully we will get our first load of fuel tomorrow so that if we get another storm we will be “ready to roll”.

If you decide to ride this weekend please be VERY CAREFUL, the ground under the snow is NOT FROZEN and NONE OF THE LAKES ARE SAFE!!!

The only grooming that we know of is from Twin Pine Camps north to Baxter State Park and west on ITS 86 towards Kokadjo.

Have a Happy New Year!!

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