Trail Grooming Report – January 2, 2014

Contrary to the report in today’s Bangor Daily News, none of the Jo Mary trails are “closed” or “being rerouted” due to logging. We just had to wait a few days (as is NORMAL for this time of year) for the late season logging operations to finish up.

By noon today (Thursday, 1/2/14) the last logging operation on our 109 trail will be done and the trail will be ours to groom.

  • B Pond trail GROOMED
  • Gauntlet Falls trail GROOMED
  • 111 Connector trail GROOMED
  • Wildwoods trail GROOMED
  • South Twin to Bridge GROOMED
  • 111 to 109 X-over trail GROOMED
  • Parkway trail GROOMED

All trails are in very good to excellent condition.

If all goes as expected the “balance” of the 109 Connector (from Turkeytail Lake north to ITS86) and the P.P. X-over trail will be groomed on Friday.

So far all grooming has been accomplished with just one machine as two of our “cats” are broken down…one suffered a steering component failure and the other developed a major hydraulic leak. Fortunately both failures occurred right in our yard. We anticipate both will be repaired and ready to go by Sunday.

Rick LeVasseur
Jo Mary Riders S.C.

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