Trail Grooming Report – January 9, 2014

Last weekends rain did a number on our trails. We lost some snow but more importantly, it turned everything rock hard. We have been out attempting to turn things around but it hasn’t worked out so well. Unless you are running a sled that is studded, AND has scratchers, I would advise you to stay home. Temperatures are expected to rise on Friday and Saturday (before the next round of rain) so the trails might loosen up enough to ride on those days.

We did groom the following trails:

  • South Twin to Penobscot River Bridge
  • 111 Connector as far as the Jo Mary road
  • B Pond trail
  • PP  X-over trail
  • 109 Connector to ITS 86 (one way)
  • Black Pond trail (one way). Groomer is broken down at our turn around just beyond Wadleigh Stream (32 miles by trail from South Twin)

Will keep you posted as soon as the trail conditions change to favorable.

Pray for snow!!

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