Trail Grooming Report – January 17, 2014

Time to post something even though conditions haven’t really changed! With the exception of areas that were plowed before the “January Thaw”, all of our trails have 100% coverage.

The 109 Connector has a 5.5 miles section (known locally as the Lincoln Ridge road) that is pure ice. You can bypass this section by using the 111 Connector and then the 109/111 connector by West Ragged Pond. And then there is another 1 mile section just south of Pratt Brook that was plowed too so it is also icy/gravel.

The 111 south of Route 11 (going towards Wildwoods) also has a 1+ mile section that is icy.

The B Pond trail, Parkway Trail, Black Pond trail & trail from here towards Millinocket are all in good shape.

Please exercise caution as hazards do exist. Take it slow and safe and there will be some decent riding.

Rick LeVasseur
Jo Mary Riders

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