Trail Grooming Report – March 21, 2013

We received at least a foot of snow on all trails. Last night the Jo Mary Riders groomed the following trails:

  • 109 Connector
  • Black Pond
  • PP X-over
  • 111 Connector
  • B Pond
  • Gauntlet Falls
  • Yoke Ponds
  • Wildwoods
  • Millinocket “Suspension Bridge”

We purchased another 400 gallons of fuel ($1700) so that we could groom after this storm. This should extend us for two more weekends of riding if things stay cool next week too. For those who rode last weekend the riding was pretty good to say the least. Some places were hard and icy but they were flat and seemed to have plenty of cooling/lubrication as a result of last Thursday’s grooming efforts. That won’t be an issue this weekend…snow dust will be the problem this time!

Remember, in some places it’s still icy underneath the new snow so please exercise caution. Ride Right and Ride Safe!

Beyond Jo Mary – Chesuncook & Ragged Grooming

After 18-24 inches of fresh snow, the grooming was a little slow but excellent! Should be the best riding of the season.

Chesuncook trails are all groomed and spoke with the Ragged Rider’s groomer. Ragged Riders groomed Farrah Mt, Black Pond, Maxfield Brook and Spencer Mt trails. 20 F this morning so the trails should have set up real well.

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