Trail Grooming Report – March 13, 2013

Well the rain didn’t hurt us as badly as predicted – only about 1/2″ here at South Twin Lake. We will have all three groomers out Thursday night once the temperatures drop. We anticipate that there will be some “thin” areas, and that the lower elevation trails will tend to be hard and icy.

The B Pond trail (after hitting the Johnston Pond road), the Yoke Ponds club trail, the Gauntlet Falls trail, the 109 Connector (after Pratt Brook & outhouse) and the entire Black Pond trail should all turn out to be great riding due to the great snowpack in those areas.

The first couple miles of the Johnston Pond road have been opened up by a bulldozer for logging purposes but we have a “shared use” agreement with the landowner. Look for signage and remember, safety is our first concern.

Will continue to post updated grooming reports. Winter is not over yet.

As a reminder, diesel fuel prices are killing us so if you can afford to make a donation to our club we would really appreciate it (It costs us roughly $625 a night just for the diesel fuel to send out our three groomers).

Rick LeVasseur, President

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