Suspension Bridge Trail Update

On Tuesday, January 29, the Millinocket Town Manager called to see if the Jo Mary Riders would be willing to make a presentation to the Town Council at their regularly scheduled meeting on February 14. There were two stipulations:

  • We will be limited to a 10 minute presentation
  • We must resume grooming of the Suspension Bridge Trail

We will be at the meeting and we will resume grooming of the trail, but not because of the Council’s “stipulation.”

Club member Dick Harmon took it upon himself to approach a number of Millinocket area businesses in order to raise funds for the club. As a direct result of his efforts, we have received enough new business memberships and donations to pay for the grooming of the Suspension Bridge trail. So, we are able to resume grooming on Friday, February 1.

Although we will resume grooming of the trail, this issue is not “dead.” We need public support at the meeting and over the next two week period prior to the meeting. Voice your concerns about this issue (and support for the club) by sending an email to the acting Town Manager, Charlie Pray, at and to Council Chairman, John Davis, at Please send a copy to the club at

Thanks for your support, and we are happy that the trail will be groomed again.

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