Good News for Jo Mary Snowmobilers

We received two really good pieces of news on March 14th.

First, the Snowmobile Program notified us that due to a substantial increase in both resident and non-resident registrations (over the same time frame last year) we would see the 10% reduction in our Municipal Grant restored to it’s full value. So we “gained back” $3900.

Then, I appeared before the Millinocket Town Council once again to ask for funding assistance from the town. After giving the councilors an in depth synopsis of our budget, the councilors voted 5 to 2 in favor of giving the club $4,000 to help run our program.

I would like to thank the councilors for all their efforts.

The money is greatly needed by the club. Sadly, all of my final projections still show a “hole” of over $5,000 to meet all of our financial obligations. And, if this holds true, we will start next season with no money in the bank.

To that end, we have listed our newest groomer (a 2006 BR 350) with a broker in hopes of selling it. With the proceeds, we would purchase an older machine, another BR 275, and hopefully pay down a big portion of our debt.

On March 7, I attended a public hearing on several snowmobile funding related bills that the legislature is considering. The hearing was well represented by clubs from the northern and western parts of the State. A work session will be held on March 21 and several other bills will face a public hearing after that date.

It is my hope that the Legislature’s IF&W Committee committee members will see fit to increase registration fees by at least $10 across the board. Diesel fuel prices are killing us and all clubs need something to offset those costs.

Keep an eye on our website for further developments on this issue. Call your legislators and let them know that you favor a registration fee increase, our industry desperately needs more funding and you, the rider, need to help us make it happen.

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