An Act to Improve Snowmobiling in the State of Maine – LD 268

Fellow Snowmobilers:

Although winter is quickly coming to an end, we really need you to contact these members of the Legislature’s Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Committee (before Thursday, March 28) so that they will give serious consideration to enacting a snowmobile registration fee increase that will properly and fairly fund the trail grooming effort by Maine’s snowmobile clubs for next year. The legislation is LD 268.

Click on each of the email addresses below to send your comment. The email will open with a sample comment, but feel free to add or edit with your own words.

Be sure to add your name at the end and feel free to tell the legislators how much you spend each winter when you go snowmobiling. This will show them that a $10 increase is minuscule compared to the overall cost of our sport.

Please pass this on to anyone that would support a registration fee increase.


Rick LeVasseur
President, Jo Mary Riders S.C.
Chairman, Maine Snowmobile Trail Fund Advisory Council

Fish & Wildlife Committee Members:

Senator David Dutremble:

Senator Anne Haskell:

Senator David Burns:

Representative Mike Shaw, Chairman:

Representative Sheryl Briggs:

Representative Karen Kusiak:

Representative Tim Marks:

Representative Stanley Short:

Representative Paul Davis:

Representative Dale Crafts:

Representative Ellie Espling:

Representative Steve Wood:

Representative Jeff Evangelos:

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