JoMary Riders Monthly Report – October 2012

By Pat Catell, Secretary/Treasurer

"Award Winning Snowmobile Trails in Maine's Katahdin Region"

I have been told repeatedly that members have missed seeing an article in the MSA newsletter sent to members each month. Our club President, Rick LeVasseur, used to write the articles but his attention has been directed to other tasks such as keeping information and reports current on our web page, writing grants for the club, grooming, serving on committees involved in funding for snowmobiling – AND running a business. So, as club Secretary/Treasurer, I have offered to help with the MSA newsletter.

It is a little early in the season to tell you about trails, but it is important for you to know about funding for the trails. If you have spent any time on our trails, you know it takes time and money to maintain trails to the level that makes snowmobiling the incredible winter sport it has become in Maine.

As Chairman of the Advisory Council, Rick has worked tirelessly to see an increase in the funding for the Maine Snowmobile Program – something that would benefit all clubs in the state. A minimal increase did occur but funding is still inadequate. Rick is proposing a new "trail registration" fee of $65 for snowmobilers using funded trails. The current fee of $40 would remain in effect as a "non-trail registration" for those who only use snowmobile trails to ice fish or trap. Take a minute to read his full proposal and the rationale for a new registration fee on our website.

Speaking of our web page, I hope you will bookmark our site as one of your "favorites." During the snowmobile season you will get up to date trail information as well as grooming conditions. I just looked at the web page again today and reread the posting for March 12, 2012 which reported "groomed B Pond Trail, 111 and Parkway Trail and it was a good to excellent ride." Imagine about six months ago we had groomed trails to ride with outside temperatures in the thirties. We will be off and running again in a few short months.

We just received our membership packets from MSA and I plan to mail out your membership cards by the beginning of October. Be sure to check the printed card and return it as soon as possible so you continue to get the newsletter as well as coverage under the MSA insurance. When I send you the membership card I will include any new information about dues and insurance. A membership form can be printed off our web page, if you need extras for family or friends.

I think next month I will have information about which trails will be used this season and if any have to be re-routed due to logging operations. And maybe a little something about the guys who do the grooming. They should receive many thanks for the long hours during the night as they creep along through the woods so we can enjoy riding all day long. We send our congratulations to MSA Groomer of the Year, Darrell Cote, from the Ebemee Snowmobile Club. It is an honor well deserved.

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